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How to Cover Cake with Fondant


how to cover cake with fondant

Brush the sugar syrup lightly and evenly over the cake (or over almond icing). Knead fondant with some pure icing sugar until smooth; roll fondant until it is about 7mm thick. Lift fondant onto cake with rolling pin. Smooth the fondant with hands dusted with icing sugar; ease the fondant around the sides and base of cake.


Push the fondant in around the base; cut away excess fondant with a sharp knife.


Mix some scraps of fondant to a sticky paste with cold boiled water. You need about 2 tablespoons of this paste. Spread paste in the center of the prepared board. Place the cake on prepared board.


Move the cake to the correct position on the board; using a sharp knife, craft knife, or scalpel, carefully cut away excess greaseproof paper around the base of the cake.





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