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The Real Fire Ninja

One of the things I like most in surfing the net is finding blogs that are enjoyable to read; and I found this blog site owned by a girl who’s named Holly. I found her blog posts so entertaining and very witty with her adventures and “misfortunes” in her everyday life. In this world, people often see themselves like they “own” life’s misfortunes at times when things turn out well that the way they want it: I am guilty with this…hehe…and reading Holly’s blog:The Real Fire Ninja, made me feel it is alright if things turn out well…I can laugh about them, like Holly does! Life is too, short afterall and we cannot dwell on things that wouldn’t make us productive; with the world crisis that’s going on around us…we can only work as hard as everyone can, help each other out, maybe…save on energy that’s making our planet’s resources down the drain.



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