Jared’s Macaroni Salad

ida1I named this Macaroni Salad after my nephew, Jared, since he’s the inspiration why I was able to concoct this recipe. It was his second birthday (November 20, 2008) and since the celebration would be on Saturday at Shakey’s Restaurant after the exact date of his birthday, his mommy Irene decided to just make macaroni salad. Jared likes fruits a lot and cheese, but to make it more tasteful I decided to load it up with lots of stuff on it. For those who hate onions would probably like this since I didn’t put one. For those who hate celery, wait till you taste this, you wouldn’t know it is there.

Here are the ingredients:

500grams macaroni

250 grams chicken breast (boiled till tender); cut into small cubes

250 grams luncheon meat slices (not the canned ones); chopped

200 grams carrots (boiled till tender); chopped

100 grams celery; chopped

200 grams red apples; sliced thinly

200 grams pineapple tidbits

700 grams mayonnaise

250 grams all-purpose cream; chilled

200 grams cheddar cheese

1pc chicken cube seasoning

1 tablespoon rock salt



In a stockpot, bring about 2 liters of water to a boil and add in chicken breast, carrots and luncheon meat. Add in a tablespoon of rock salt. After a minute in boiling water take out the luncheon meat slices and chop them into small pieces. Take the chicken and the carrots out of the boiling water as well once they are tender.


Put in the macaroni and cook until done. Drain.


Meanwhile, chop the celery stalks, carrots and chicken. Slice the apples into quarters and sliced thinly; put these in pineapple syrup to prevent from discoloration.


Grate the chicken cube and set aside.


In a big salad bowl, put in half of the macaroni; moisten with half on the all-purpose cream, half of the mayonnaise. Mix well and add in half each of the ingredients and mix well.


Add the other half of the macaroni in and the rest of the ingredients and mix well.


There is no need to add salt since the cheese, chicken cube and luncheon meat gives the salty flavor to it.


I liked the feedback of my sister’s colleagues at Chinese General Hospital about this. Hope you try it…and like it too! ^_^ Above is the actual photo of the finished product.


Happy cooking!


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