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Time is on YOur side

You cannot turn the hands of time.
Time moves forward whether you want it or not.
It allows opportunities to constantly change.
The only inhibitory factor lies within ourselves.
We are the ones holding ourselves back;
we are the ones trying to out-guess life;
we are the ones who say: “I can’t” or “Not now”
or “it’s just not meant to be”….
But the truth of the matter is this…
Time says “YES”; it says “Do it now”
because “anything is possible.”
Time truly believes in “JUST TRY.”
It’s funny how we talk ourslves out of
so many wonderful chances to be
all that we want to be.
It seems that the only a few true adventurers
listen to what “TIME” has to say…
and they are the ones enjoying themselves
because they know
Time is on their



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